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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Why American are out of work
I've noticed that almost everything we purchase is made somewhere other than the United States.  As I was Christmas shopping I saw specifically an incredibly long list of items made in China: clothes, socks, shoes, handbags, wallets, coats, hats, under garments, umbrellas, dishes, silverware, glasses, cups, toasters, coffee makers, microwave ovens, blankets, sheets, towels, picture frames, rugs, pillows, furniture, cameras, cell phone accessories, calculators, office supplies, tools, computer parts, printers, book covers, blank CDs and DVDs, blu ray players, televisions, television accessories, yard equipment, building equipment etc.  The list just goes on and on and on.

The only thing I've found that isn't made in China is the food I eat, however, the containers the food is sold/shipped in is made in China.

Because hardly anything thing is made in America any more, Americans are out of work; not because they are lazy, unskilled workers, but because American companies are greedy.  They have all or most of their products made in China, then think they can sell the products to Americans who are out of work living off of an unemployment check that eventually comes to an end.

The worst offender of putting Americans out of work is Wal-mart.  I know Wal-mart workers thought I was trying to steal something in the store or was just plain crazy when I was picking up stuff and angrily putting it back down, talking to myself about how it doesn't make any sense for there not to be anything in the store made in America.

Another reason why Americans are out of work is because most corporations have all or most of their customer service outsourced to India.  Even the credit bureaus have their customer service in India in some cases.  Believe it or not, collection agencies have their customer service/collectors in India.  Employment agencies are based out of India or Indians own the employment agencies in the U.S.  I've done contract work for many years, most of which comes through employment agencies.  The last three years most of the recruiters who call me are from India.  An American can't even get a job as a recruiter to tell me about a job in America or call and threaten me to pay my bills if I can't pay.

It's a sin and a shame that Americans can't make a living in their own country.  I've half jokingly said I might become a citizen of China or India so I can get a job.  That might be what it comes down to for a lot of people.
3:06 pm cst 

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Just the Facts Please
I just wanted to comment on all of the political fear-mongering, hateful lies that are constantly being sent by email, posted on websites, and broadcast on radio and television.  Lately, I've been bombarded with emails full of lies and misrepresentations about President Obama and his administration by people who don't or choose not to check their facts.  Everyone is definitely entitled to their opinion, but I sure would like to hear opinions based on facts instead of lies, rumors and misrepresentations.

I personally think President Obama has accomplished quite a bit in the short time he's been in office.  When I start a new job it takes me a good 6 months to figure out who's who and what's what.  President Obama seems to be a person who is willing to listen to suggestions, opinions, facts and do some homework before he makes a decision.  I don't see anything wrong with this.  I don't necessarily agree with everything he's done or said, but I haven't seen signs of anything malicious he's done or said.  It appears to me that he's trying to take the best suggestions and advice offered to make informed decisions.  People who are opposing everything he is attempting to accomplish just for the sake of opposition are being unproductive and wasting their time, my time and your time.

I've already sent some of my ideas and opinions to President Obama, my senator and my congressman as I have done with every administration since Ronald Reagan.  I would encourage everyone to do the same instead of whining, complaining, opposing everything, and spreading fear and hate, but never offering anything useful or of value that will help the country as a whole.

I want to encourage everyone to check their facts on a couple of websites:
www.whitehouse.gov and www.factcheck.org.  Do your own research, read information for yourself and think for yourself.

No hate mail...just the facts please.
11:47 pm cdt 

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